Video shows Perseverance rover`s dramatic Mars landing.

The movies cover the final minutes of last week`s hair-raising descent, up to the point where the robot`s wheels make contact with the ground.

Source:By Jonathan Amos BBC Science Correspondent

Publication Date:22/02/2021


Sputnik V COVID-19 vaccine candidate appears safe and effective.

The development of the Sputnik V vaccine has been criticised for unseemly haste, corner cutting, and an absence of transparency. But the outcome reported here is clear and the scientific principle of vaccination is demonstrated, which means another vaccine can now join the fight to reduce the incidence of COVID-19. We declare no competing interests.


Publication Date:02/02/2021


China creates the world`s first quantum network of thousands of kilometers.

Chinese scientists have unveiled the first integrated quantum communication network that is made of 700 optical fibers, spanning 2,000 kilometers between Beijing and Shanghai, and has two links with the Micius quantum satellite, connecting Xinglong and Nanshan, 2,600 apart. kilometres.


Publication Date:11/01/2021


Capitol riots: Congress certifies Joe Biden`s victory after violent disruption.

Lawmakers resumed the session after police managed to remove the mob, which had been encouraged by President Donald Trump in a bid to overturn his defeat.

Source:BBC News

Publication Date:07/01/2021


Philadelphia curfew after two nights of chaos and looting

The family of Walter Wallace Jr says he was suffering a mental health crisis when he was shot by officers. Police say he had refused to drop his knife. On Tuesday night, protesters again clashed with police, and barricaded businesses across the city were looted.

Source:BBC News

Publication Date:28/10/2020

Donald Trump`s official campaign site hacked for his love of fake news

We are entering the final stretch of the US electoral process prior to the decisive moment of the elections and it seems that Donald Trump is not having a very good time. For weeks we`ve watched him take all sorts of steps and unexpected plot twists to stay afloat. But now, at the climactic point everything has apparently been hacked.

Source:fayerwayer: York Perry

Publication Date:28/10/2020


After a year of investigation, the US Department of Justice has filed a lawsuit against Alphabet, Google`s parent company. Google is accused of monopolistic practices, blocking its competitors and exploiting its position as a "port of entry" to the Internet.


Publication Date:23/10/2020

Coronavirus: Putin defends his Sputnik V vaccine and offers it free to the UN.

The Coronavirus Covid-19 pandemic is undoubtedly the issue that has set the most for the United Nations (UN) through the WHO. That is why your most recent General Assembly was very interesting. Where the leaders of several countries took advantage of the forum to demonstrate.

Source:Fayerwayer: York Perry

Publication Date:24/09/2020

U.S. banks handled trillions of dollars in `suspicious transactions, report says

So-called suspicious activity reports, filed by banks with government regulators, indicate the banks were concerned the transactions would help suspected terrorists, drug dealers, corrupt foreign officials and other bad actors move trillions of dollars around the world, as well as perpetuate investment frauds. The private reports, which covered 1999 through 2017, were obtained by BuzzFeed News and shared with the nonprofit International Consortium of Investigative Journalists.

Source:CBS Interactive Inc, BY STEPHEN GANDEL SEPTEMBER 21, 2020 / 6:08 PM / MONEYWATCH

Publication Date:22/09/2020

Kipi the Peruvian robot that travels the Andes to teach in times of pandemic that excites the world!

“I am a special robot. I was created and programmed to sing, dance and learn with students with special needs ”, says Kipi to introduce herself to the students of teacher Walter Velásquez when he arrives in the rural communities of Colcabamba, in Huancavelica, a region of central Peru at 3,000 meters of altitude.

Source:EFE, Gestion.pe

Publication Date:20/08/2020


Peru clashes over President Vizcarra`s impeachment

Clashes have broken out in the Peruvian capital, Lima, between security forces and protesters angry at the impeachment of President Martín Vizcarra.


Publication Date:12/11/2020

Peru vs. Brazil: bookmaker will return money for bad arbitration by Julio Bascuñán

The controversial decisions of the Chilean referee on the second day of the Qualifiers continue to have an impact. A bookmaker decided to compensate those who suffered after betting in favor of the bicolor


Publication Date:14/10/2020

Knocking on the door of the military barracks.

It was the afternoon of Thursday, September 10. Hours before, Congressman Edgar Alarcón, had delivered to the president of the Congress Manuel Merino, with studied scenography, the audios where the president Martín Vizcarra, his assistant Karem Roca Luque, appear as the protagonist; and Richard Cisneros, also known as Richard Swing.

Source:Idl Reporteros: Gustavo Gorriti

Publication Date:12/09/2020

Judge dictates 15 months of preventive detention against Keiko Fujimori.

The leader of Fuerza Popular, Keiko Fujimori, is transferred by the National Police from the premises of the Fourth Preparatory Investigation Court of the Judicial Power to the jailer.


Publication Date:28/01/2020

Peru will host the First World Gastronomy Congress

Peru will host the First World Gastronomic Congress, as was announced this morning during the inaugural activities of the 2020 International Tourism Fair (FITUR), held in the city of Madrid.


Publication Date:28/01/2020

Peru: Evidence found that writing in South America appeared 5,000 years ago

Peruvian archaeologists believe that in Checta, a prehistoric stone forest, there are signs of writing dating back five thousand years. The hypothesis is based on the signs discovered in several petroglyphs found in Lima.

Source:Actualidad. RT. Com

Publication Date:28/01/2020


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The beginning of the end of super-imperialism in 2020? - Keizer Report in Spanish (E1483)

Continuing the New Year`s Day celebrations, Dr. Michael Hudson, author of the book "Super-Imperialism: The Economic Strategy of the American Empire," joins the Keizer Report. Will 2020 see the continuation of the decline of that super-imperialism of which he first wrote two decades ago? We debated this, and then we move on to the next election in the US and whether or not he thinks the stock market numbers will help Trump. Finally, the discussion turns to Hudson`s vision of global riots and whether they are the herald of the end of the era of neoliberalism.

Source:Keiser Report

Publication Date:16/01/2020

Airbnb promised to review its listings to avoid scams

Airbnb founder and CEO Brian Chesky responded to recent scam complaints against his company. The executive knows that trust is essential in his business and that is why he promised to take steps to restore it. The first: to register the lists of properties that offer service and that have been criticized. It is the first time it has done so since its founding in 2008.

Source:Fayerwayer: CELALBA YAMARTE

Publication Date:07/11/2019

PIB for dummies!

Today we will talk about Chile and all the problems it is having lately. Where do they come from? What can we learn from this? What is the PBI for? We are going to analyze this and much more in this new video of the Banana

Source:youtube:La banana news

Publication Date:06/11/2019

Uber, Cabify and others

Uber and other chauffeured transport vehicle services are presented as modern, free, digital, but what is behind this work model?


Publication Date:03/11/2019

The history of the AFPs, the almost perfect robbery?

How to improve the system if we do not know its history? All SOURCES of information HERE https: //www.felicesyforrados.cl/2019 / ... Here we will reveal the HIDDEN history of the AFPs. A must for you to become AWARE of the system.

Source:Felices y Forrados

Publication Date:02/11/2019

What are the secrets of Finnish entrepreneurs?

His Sisu philosophy turns Finnish entrepreneurs into very tenacious professionals! Being an entrepreneur is a very common professional orientation in Finland and it is the country itself that encourages your path to success. This is all you can learn from the habits and attitude of Finnish entrepreneurs. Finland is one of the Nordic countries that stands out for the quality of its teaching or the involvement of all professionals in business culture. Finland is a benchmark in many things: it is a country with a very low unemployment rate, a country that promotes gender equality in the workplace and, also, one of the benchmark countries in the culture of entrepreneurship and development of successful entrepreneurs .

Source:Universia España

Publication Date:10/10/2019


Surprised Latin American Press: Peru leads the region due to its inflation lower than the US!

"This positive result in the ranking of monetary soundness coincides with the main advantage of maintaining low and stable inflation," said the BCR.

Source:Infobae, gestión.pe, larepublica.co

Publication Date:04/02/2020

Peru is consolidated as the second world supplier of avocados

The Ministry of Agriculture and Irrigation (Minagri) announced that Peru exported 247 thousand tons of avocado last year, which represented an increase of 27% compared to 2016, and made our country the second largest producer in the world of avocado.

Source:Gestión. Pe,Palta. (Foto: USI)

Publication Date:16/01/2020

The New York Times puts Lima - Peru on a list of tourist destinations to visit this 2020.

A city with extraordinary food, a rich history and art, as defined by The New York Times, the most emblematic newspaper of the United States to Lima, to include it in its annual list of 52 destinations that every tourist should visit this 2020.

Source:rpp.com.pe:Sandra Martell

Publication Date:10/01/2020


Capture an image of a quantum entanglement for the first time.

One of the most poetic physical properties, QUANTUM entanglement has just been photographed for the first time. Scientists from the Delft University of Technology, in the Netherlands, captured in image the phenomenon that Einstein described as a "phantasmagoric action at a distance."


Publication Date:21/09/2020

Oracle would be the new owner of TikTok in the United States: Donald Trump`s favorite!

The drama over the acquisition of TikTok in the face of the imminent blockade by the United States government and the Donald Trump administration has put all things heart in a matter of hours. After a period of extreme secrecy by all those involved, the initial rumor emerged that the Chinese government preferred to close the app in Anglo-Saxon territory rather than sell any part of ByteDance.

Source:Fayerwayer.com: Por York Perry

Publication Date:14/09/2020

Huawei launches HarmonyOS 2.0, the operating system that will end its dependence on Google

The Chinese company Huawei has publicly presented the HarmonyOS 2.0, the second version of its operating system developed to adapt to the US sanctions and which it intends to resort to in response to Google`s ban on using Android.


Publication Date:10/09/2020

I`m not a robot !: why it is increasingly difficult to prove to a website that you are human

Has it happened to you that when you want to create an account on a website, you spend a good time trying to prove that you are a human being? Before, all you had to do was press the "I`m not a robot" button or type in a window the sequence of letters that appears on the screen and seems submerged in water.


Publication Date:05/02/2020

The end of smartphones: A prototype of a smart contact lens is presented.

This smart lens is essentially a miniaturized screen that can be worn on the eye. The company says it could provide directions, sports scores, or even let them see in the dark. Essentially, it is a mini computer. The best part of this? No one will ever know it is there! It has been designed so that people cannot see it, and according to Senior Vice President of Product and Marketing Steve Sinclair, the company has made it in such a way that the interactions are also extremely subtle, made with just eye movements, ensuring that no one is be aware of your presence.

Source:misterio.tv: EmilioCuevas

Publication Date:21/01/2020

Avatar Project: will we be immortal in 30 years?

This project is part of the so-called Initiative 2045, a global organization that gathers information from scientific research on transhumanism, the prolongation of human life and developments in cybernetics and computing. It also works as a center for investments related to all that.

Source:codigooculto.com: Erick Nielssen

Publication Date:21/01/2020


The millionaire who refused to pay his grandson`s ransom and got his ear shipped.

Gisela Getty laughs when she thinks about the bizarreness of the matter: fleeing one of the richest men in the world, the oilman Jean Paul Getty, thanks to a plan drawn up by her grandson, Paul Getty, who would pose as victim of a kidnapping. She and Paul would then create a countercultural paradise in Morocco with the ransom money.


Publication Date:20/07/2020

An illustration that describes how they imagined the society of 2022!

The illustration belongs to the Italian seminar “Domenica Del Corriere, which published it in its extensive circulation in 1962. The author, Walter Molino, was born in 1915 and died in 1997. Men and women on encapsulated motorcycles, totally isolated from any physical contact with other people. Close to the current reality.


Publication Date:16/07/2020

Is autism curable?

General description Autism spectrum disorder is a disease related to brain development that affects the way a person perceives and socializes with other people, causing problems with social interaction and communication. The disorder also includes restricted and repetitive behavior patterns. The term "spectrum" in autism spectrum disorder refers to a wide range of symptoms and severity.

Source:Mayoclinic.org, Medicina Funcional: Dr. Jaramillo

Publication Date:10/07/2020

What oils to use for cooking?

Gillespie agrees: "Fruit oils (olive, coconut, palm and avocado) are `good` [for health]," he explains. The "bad" oils, Gillespie notes, are seed oils (rapeseed, sunflower, safflower, rice bran, grapeseed, and corn), legume oils (soybeans and peanuts), and most nut oils.

Source:Bbc: Lucía Blasco, libro milagro metabolico: Dr. Jaramillo

Publication Date:10/07/2020

The Virus Mortality Statistics that they DO NOT show you - Dr. Carlos Jaramillo.

Dr. Carlos Jaramillo is a physician from the University of La Sabana with an emphasis in Health Management, Senior Clinical Associate in surgery and clinical nutrition and from the Yale University School of Medicine in the United States.


Publication Date:09/07/2020

Diabetes: Disease That Shouldn`t Exist!

Johnson & Johnson conducts trials of a treatment that has so far been successful in clinical trials Diabetes is a chronic disease that occurs because the pancreas does not synthesize the amount of insulin that the human body needs, produces it of an inferior quality or is not able to use it effectively. The insuline is an hormon produced for the pancreas.


Publication Date:13/06/2020


A gray society!


Publication Date:09/11/2019

Finally the complete story !!!

Enjoy this sequence that few have seen. The final outcome is unexpected and will surprise you!


Publication Date:24/09/2019

Don`t stop dreaming! LOL


Publication Date:24/01/2019


4 Business of the future!

We present these 4 simple but powerful options that will open your mind and future to a world of opportunities, it does not matter if you have the technical or professional capacity, the important thing is to surround yourself with people who have it and that you dedicate yourself to what is yours. business and make your way in a competitive and changing world.


Publication Date:09/12/2019

Management by Processes - PART 1.

Business Process Management (in English: Business Process Management or BPM) is a management discipline composed of methodologies and technologies, whose objective is to improve the performance (efficiency and effectiveness) and the optimization of the processes of an organization, equal to through the management of the processes that must be designed, modeled, organized, documented and optimized continuously. Therefore, it can be described as a process of continuous improvement of processes.


Publication Date:19/11/2019

Management by Processes - PART 2.

BPM can be related to other process improvement disciplines such as Six Sigma. Business processes should be documented (up-to-date), to help the organization understand what they are doing through their business. During the process discovery stage, everyone is relatively in agreement on how the current processes are defined. The AS-IS determines the state where the information can be used to determine where the process should be improved, to arrive at a TO-BE, describing how the process should be. Documenting the process alone is not the tool for managers to take control over the entire process. BPM considers process monitoring essential to determine if the process generates the expected results based on the business objectives. The creation and use of metrics and KPIs is key to carry out detailed control of each process.


Publication Date:01/01/1900

Management by Processes - PART 3.

The value chain The value chain is a theoretical concept that describes the way in which actions and activities are developed in a company. This concept is highly relevant for process-based management, since it distinguishes different interrelated links in every production circuit. In this way, there would be primary activities, focused on the physical preparation of products and support actions, which do not provide value in themselves, but are not without importance for that. Process-based management takes into account the entire value chain as a whole and horizontally. Myths of process automation Automation of processes is something that almost every company wants to achieve to improve its operations, reduce costs and increase profits. The key issue that many forget is that before automating any process, it must first be understood and improved. It is well worth remembering the words of Bill Gates on this subject:


Publication Date:19/11/2019


Learn Informatica from Scratch. We are going to explain basic computer skills in this basic computer manual. You will be able to learn the basics of computer science about hardware (components) and software (programs). We will see how a computer works, or rather a computer system and some of its main parts. Of course, we will try to make everything very easy to understand.


Publication Date:19/11/2019

English connectors!

In many of our everyday conversations, we need to explain things. Perhaps you were late for school and you explain to your teacher that it’s because your car ran out of gas. Or the reason why you want to buy chocolates is that you want to surprise your mother on her birthday. Explaining things will be much easier if you throw in these important English connectors. Let’s take a look at them!


Publication Date:03/11/2019


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